Irish Red Cross EFR Programme


An Emergency First Responder (EFR) is a person trained in Cardiac First Response that possesses
additional knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of patients in a pre‐hospital
environment. An EFR may be part of the emergency medical services, a healthcare practitioner or a
member of the public who has undertaken a recognised EFR course.


In addition to basic life support cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillation
skills, the emergency first responder possesses defined skills in the further assessment and
management of common medical emergencies and trauma, including common paediatric
emergencies and in providing assistance during labour childbirth. The EFR possesses appropriate
knowledge and skills in assisting with the administration of certain prescribed medication.
Emergency first responders are skilled in assisting with the movement of patients and can practice
key rescue skills under special authorisation according to CPGs.


Finally the EFR has basic training in relevant medico‐legal issues and in adopting a professional approach to interacting with patients and other emergency medical services in the pre‐hospital setting.


Successful completion of the EFR standard and assessment leads to the award of the joint
recognised institution and PHECC award at EFR level. This award ensures that the EFR has fulfilled
the educational and training requirements as prescribed by PHECC, thereby possessing the
knowledge,skills and professionalismin line with the expectations ofthe public and the profession.
Emergency first responders must also be committed to the process of continuous responder
competence and are required to maintain their skill levels in both CFR and EFR at defined time